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You can integrate full notification system into your web app in less than 60 seconds with just one line of code.

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We handle the notification presentation (UI/UX) and delivery (in-app, email, push, etc) for you.

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Notific integrates with Zapier so you can deliver your notifications into hundreds of different channels.

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Simple integration & powerful API

							// Integrate with just one line of code
							<script src="<your_app_id>.js"></script>
// create new recipient
$recipient = $notific->createRecipient([
	'id'    => 1, // unique user id
	'name'  => "Cpt. John Mallorca", // optional
	'email' => "", // optional

// send notification template "Welcome" to Recipient
Download the PHP SDK from GitHub
				// Remove the default notification button

				// Do something when count of unread notifications changes
				Notific.on('unread', function(count) {
				    console.log(count + ' unread notifications');

				// Do something when notification panel closes
				Notific.on('close', function() {
				    console.log('Notification panel closed');

				// Do something when notification panel opens
				Notific.on('open', function() {
				    console.log('Notification panel opened');

				// Toggle notification panel by clicking your custom button element
				customButton.addEventListener('click', function(e) {
				    console.log('Notification panel toggled');
				}, false);


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