Mail notification layouts

Creating mail notification layouts

Mail notification layouts are effectively templates that can be used to design the outlook and generic content of an eMail notification. Mail layouts support HTML to define things such as fonts, elements and element positioning. alt Sidepanel

Location of mail notification layouts

Mail layouts can be found from the middle area of the control panel's side panel.

When you open the Layouts feature the listing view for mail layouts opens. alt Mail layout listing view Here you can either 1) create a new mail notification layout by clicking the blue "+ New mail layout" -button, or 2) manage your existing layouts.

The layout management options from left to right are:

  1. Modify layout
  2. Clone layout to use as a basis for a new layout
  3. Delete layout

After you click the "+ New mail layout" -button or open an existing layout for modification the layout editor opens. alt Mail layout form

  1. Display name
    • Display name helps you in identifying the layout in the listing view. It does not impact the actual mail notification layout.
  2. Title of the mail notification
    • Title can contain normal text, emojis and information fields that are automatically replaced in the sent mail notification. If you add a f.ex. {{sender_name}} parameter, it will be replaced with the recipient's name.
  3. Notification body
    • Body can contain normal text, emojis, information fields and HTML code.
  4. To toggle between the preview view and source code view click here.

After you have completed editing the fields just click the blue "Create" -button to create your new mail notification layout.