Action buttons

Using Action buttons via Dashboard

Action buttons are tools that you can preconfigure to take certain actions when clicked and then integrate in your notifications.

Action buttons can:

  1. Open a URL
  2. Open a mailto link
    • A mailto link opens an email sending form with the linked eMail address as a recipient
  3. Request data from a server with a GET request
  4. Send data to a server with a POST message

Action buttons feature can be opened via the side panel "Action buttons" -link alt Sidepanel To create a new action button, click the blue "+New action button" -button. alt Action buttons listing view After you click "+New Action button" button the below form opens. alt Action buttons form Fill in the following information:

  1. Display name
    • A name that helps you in identifying your new action button when selecting it to a notification
  2. Icon
    • Select which icon should represent your new action button in the notification
  3. URL
    • Web site to be accessed or recipient eMail address of an eMail sending form
  4. Method (select your preferred action type for the dropdown list)

If you are creating a POST request there will be a few additional fields to fill: alt POST request form

  1. Select the the form in which the data will be passed to the server from the dropdown list. Options:
    • JSON
    • Form data
  2. The "Key - Value" -pair of the data that should be sent to the server
    • There can be one or more "Key - Value" -pairs included within an action button
  3. Click here if you need additional "Key - Value" -pairs in your POST request

After you have filled in all the fields click the blue "Create" -button to save your new action button.